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GEOsens was founded in 2000 by the geologists Ronald Krause, Stefan Schulze and Andreas Udri as an engineering partnership. The business concept was and is to offer innovative solutions for the environment and engineering geology through an interdisciplinary combination of geology, measurement technology and information technology.
In 2003, GEOsens measurement systems and software development was established to accommodate growth in this business area.
In 2018, both companies merged into GEOsens GmbH.


Ronald Krause
Graduate Geologist

Business area: IoT / Software
Mail: @email

Andreas Udri
Graduate Geologist
Consulting engineer
Business area: Measuring techniques / Instruments
Mail: @email

Stefan Schulze
Graduate Geologist

Business area: Geology / Geotechnics
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Dr. Sylvia Mackenberg
Dr. Ing., Graduate Geograph
Mail: @email

Barbara Augenstein
Graduate Geologist
Mail: @email

Nour Sawas
Master of Science Informatics
Mail: @email

Sabine Grimm
Graduate Translator
Mail: @email

Holger Veit
Graduate Forester
Mail: @email

Eric Rütschlin
Bachelor of Science
Mail: @email

David Schulze
Mail: @email

Lena Carduck
Bachelor of Science Geosciences
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